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About me

Welcome to my site! 

I am Monika and I specialise in painting, digital design and animation, which I studied at Cambridge School of Art. People usually describe my art as surrealistic, quirky in principle, often with magical subject matter. Although, I sometimes create more traditional landscapes or purely decorative work, most of my works fit in style somewhere between Surrealism and Magical Realism. I look at the mundane through a mysterious lens, ‘tongue in cheek’ to present a fantastic quality of reality. In my paintings, you can see relationships between people and become familiar with their personalities as soon as you open the shutters of their dwellings. The starting point of each painting is a question, ‘what if…” which I try to answer in a visual way according to my own experiences and imagination. The imagery is drawn from a range of everyday situations, but embodied in forms from of unexpected juxtapositions, containing elements of surprise. The vivid palette I use magnifies peculiarity of my works strange - people and half-people weightlessly flow in the air, walking their dogs, reading in the clouds or having a flamingo perched on their shoulder... My paintings include elements of illustration, animation and painting. They often contain hidden messages and clues for the viewer leaving it to the their imagination to fill in those gaps in the image. I leave the paintings ‘ajar’, under-told, encouraging the viewer to create the end of the story.

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